Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why antivirus scans are important computer services

The moment you opt for regular computer services for maintenance of your computer, the first thing that will be done by the mechanic is an antivirus scan. You may wonder how this particular scan can be so important. Well, the truth is that viruses are extremely harmful to the computer’s programs and functioning. Viruses have made computer applications crash or deleted the documents saved in the computer. No wonder, it is considered a top priority to get the computer scanned for viruses. 

The harmful effects of a computer virus

There are many signs of your computer getting infected with harmful virus. You will start getting annoying pop ups while loading web pages. Your computer will slow down a lot. Also, as stated before, many of your files may get deleted or modified. Virus also brings in the threat of spywares and malwares in your computer. Since the virus weakens the computer system, spywares can easily attack your computer and the risk of someone stealing away your private information and using it for unfair purposes becomes manifold. Spywares have resulted in many financial scams on the internet. This is why, computer services like antivirus scans become important as without such tools, you will not be able to detect the spyware. Such scan makes you less vulnerable to the imminent attack of viruses and spywares.

How frequently should you get the scan done?

The threat of virus attack is always imminent. So, the more frequently it is done, the better. The standard frequency for such scans is once a week. If you are very careful with your computer usage and the sites you visit, then you can even schedule it to once in every two weeks. The best way is to set up an antivirus shield that automatically keeps scheduling scans. Hence, opt for the antivirus scan computer services without fail. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tips For Proper Computer Maintenance

A computer can stay in good working condition only when proper care and genuine programs are performed to it. You need to be sure that whatever programs you are using are genuine as a simple ignorance will lead your system into  a big problem. Be sure that you go through some computer maintenance tips before fixing any problem which has reduced the speed and its normal functions. Here are some tips to follow in order to maintain your computer in a standard way.

Essential things to note

1.      Install a good anti virus  program and make sure that you update it every time it requires. If you ignore it, then there is a chance to invite viruses to your computer which leads to failure.

2.      Avoid websites which are suspected to be infested with viruses and Malware.

3.      Keep away from the emails which are received from shady senders as they may contain deadly virus which can risk your computer.

4.      Regularly perform defragmentation of your disk once or twice in every month as it ensures the top condition of your desktop. Actually, fragmentation occurs when the operating system of your computer fails to allocate  required space to store files as a unit and sets it into parts in the form of gaps in other files. You need to arrange it in a manner by defragmenting the disc.

5.      Always let your computer work on UPS as sudden power surges may harm your desktop.

6.      Keep the system clean physically by wiping the dust and gathered grime with a neat cloth or a with a  vacuum which takes care of delicate parts. Be careful in performing cleaning function.

7.      Give some rest by turning it off as every component gets exhausted by working continuously.

If you follow the above tips, then definitely, your computer gives you optimum performance without any problem in it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Dependable Antivirus Software for Small Businesses

The Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security ensures 100% protection to Windows based PCs, laptops and servers. This antivirus program is available in the standard version as well as cloud version. The users with non-technical background can also easily install and configure this software. The cloud version can be upgraded to protect a number of endpoints as and when required irrespective of the location and the type of technology. The latest version of Trend Micro Business Security software enables quicker installation as well as faster scan. Besides ensuring full protection from malware this software offers URL filtering, email scanning and device control. The advanced version can be upgraded to provide Mac security and data loss prevention security for Exchange servers. All the versions of this program provide a web console for management. VPN is required for remote access of the on-premise version.

Security features

Trend Micro offers the best antivirus protection. While it detects 100% of prevailing malware it can detect 97% of new malware. The software provides all the basic security tools that are required to protect the systems. The various protective activities of this software include blocking spam emails, detecting and eliminating fake antivirus software, scanning emails to detect malicious content and filtering malicious websites. It scans devices to check presence of malware and block uploads from the devices. This software requires only 256MB of RAM to run. The email server protection module needs only 1GB of RAM.

Outstanding features

Trend Micro Business Security has much less interference with the process. It offers dependable protection for different types of endpoints with negligible impact on the speed of the process. Entry of malware to the network by email or device is effectively blocked by this business antivirus software. Those who want to protect their Android devices or Mac systems may opt for the upgraded version of Trend Micro Business Security Antivirus software.